Champions of Mars

In the highly-celebrated spectacle of Martian judicial combat, Ursa is the best. Though she started off as a wide-eyed public defender seeking justice for the oppressed, years of glamorized violence coupled with the seedy underbelly of a corporate-bled colony have eaten away at Ursa. As the fight of the century looms closer, she must find a way to reclaim her honor for the sake of those the colony left behind. If she can survive.

The Cybek Files

Genetically engineered genius Dr. Ellissa Sturgis has trained since birth to defeat the invading race of aliens, the Disir. But what happens when her own country and arrogance betray her, and the only way to save her people is to ally with the very invaders she swore to eliminate? Only Cybek, the mysterious AI housed in Ellie’s prosthetic arm, knows the answer.